It was late summer 2017. Through a series of unfortunate events - I was forced out of a studio I spent every last red cent I had to renovate. Instead of “if you build it - they will come” - I realized that the ability to sustain my life and provide for my three kids, hinged on taking my camera “to the masses.” So... with my own coat of bravery safely packed in my suitcase - I kissed my babies goodbye 8 times and traveled to 8 cities to photograph outstanding women across the United States. 

My second to last stop was in Savannah, GA. It was there that I met and photographed an amazing woman, Tammy Williams, was a NYC model in her twenties. Now in her 50’s and gorgeous as ever - meeting her was just pure magic. Per her request, I didn’t hire out my usual professional makeup artist for her photoshoot. When I arrived - her face was flawless. It was the perfect balance of “everyday glamour” but was also “camera ready makeup” - 2 things that NEVER in all my years of shooting women seemed to be one-in-the-same. As I was posing and photographing her - I kept peeking and basically drooling over the back of my camera. Her skin was glowing. I couldn’t get over it. 

When we were done - she said 6 magical words to me... “Have you ever heard of Maskcara Beauty?” I was so intrigued. So she led me into her kitchen and showed me a few of the most beautiful compacts - brushes - and little tins of creme makeup and I was just enamored by the branding and lovely and well done packaging was. Pretty eye candy for ANY woman's vanity table. 

What she did next just blew me away. She showed me THIS VIDEO of Cara, the founder and CEO of SEINT (formerly Maskcara) Beauty, doing her makeup in ONE MINUTE AND 58 SECONDS. What???? 

Then I turned to her wide-eyed and said, “You mean to tell me - you did your OWN makeup for this photo shoot - with just this ONE simple beautiful compact - in 2 minutes and it LOOKS THAT GOOD?” - She said... “well... yeah!” I felt like I was watching Elle Woods tell Warner that she just got into Harvard Law School... "What? Like it's hard?"

I WAS IN!!! I had NO idea I was starting another business. I just thought I was buying a TOOL for the business I already had. I didn’t know that I would sell $18,000 in makeup in my first 45 days - or that I would grow a team of over 650 motivated and amazing women in under 3 years time... that I would have the opportunity to stand on a stage at our company conference in Las Vegas in my second year with the company, and try to inspire a room of my peers that selling as an energy that begins with valuing yourself. 

I get to offer women a new morning routine. I get to teach others how to grow into entrepreneurship. I get to show women a better WAY. I get to offer them a vehicle for transforming their self-confidence and honor their vulnerabilities at the same time. I get to celebrate amazing success stories with my team. I'm climbing higher and further than I ever dreamed a single mom who - just a short time ago - could only afford to get a Starbucks twice a month ever could. I'm no longer an underdog. I'm hustling and grinding and loving every single moment of this journey.

That morning in that Savannah kitchen - I said yes on a whim. That “accidental yes” changed my life. But my life isn't the only one I'm hell bent on changing. I'm bringing as many women as I can along with me. Maybe even you? 




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This lip + cheek is super special to me. One day in the early fall of 2018 I accidentally broke one of my Gilded eyeshadows. I had a half a tin of Desert Sunset lip + cheek laying around and I wondered what it might look like if I took that crushed up Gilded and melted it into the DS. Voila! This gorgeous rum raisin shade was born. A month or so later - when we were all in Tahoe for the leadership retreat - I showed it to Cara in my palette and told her how I made it. She loved it so much they made the color and called it LOVESPELL. The following summer at the Reign Conference in LasVegas - as Cara unveiled it on stage for the company - she called me out of the crowd and told the story! It was so special! I love that our BOSS is so cool that she listens to us Artists out on the battlefield and uses our feedback to improve our products and to create new ones! We all love you Cara!

Going to Conference is always the highlight of my year with the company - its where I get a chance to see a ton of my teamies and girlfriends from other sidelines all in one place in REAL LIFE. We get to geek out over how rad our company is, attend beautiful functions where we have an opportunity to get all fancy or dress up for a theme. We also get to learn about the health, vitality and financial growth our company has had over the previous 12 months and get to forecast for the future. We unveil new products and learn new techniques. And the keynote speakers (Bill & Giuliana Rancic among them) always bring us huge inspiration. 



At the start of all this - and perhaps the heart of it - is being in the presence of another woman. Honoring her vulnerabilities, helping to elevate her confidence through the education of these products. They really are magical. But the real magic - is having a client call you and say - "You know... I've been going to the same job for 15 years and after I started wearing the makeup - I've had 5 people come up to me this week and tell me how great I look. That feeling - the feeling of being SEEN. The idea that I'm not invisible - has given me such a new lease on life. I wake up excited to do my makeup and get ready for the day!"
That's a paycheck money just can't buy!


I feel like kicking myself everyday over this thing. I mean it. I get PAID to share something I love (and would share even if I wasn't getting paid). On TOP of that - I can also earn free products. On TOP of that - I get to do it with a tribe of incredible and supportive women and ON TOP OF THAT - those same sales qualified me for TWO all-expense paid vacations to Mexico. One more time for the people in the back!!!! FREE TRIP TO MEXICO!!!! Nope not a dream. This is what real life looks like when you love what you do.


Getting a special invitation from our HQ to be a guest at a giant mansion in Lake Tahoe or a huge beach house in Charleston, SC are just another few perks of what already feels like a too good to be true dream. The first year - I was like - wait - I'm going to go where? With who? These rockstar unicorn goddesses? Harmony? Kat? Rachel? CARAAAAA?? Krysten? Amanda? Savannah? Jocelyn? Amanda H? I cant. Every year its one big sorority party with the most amazing - driven - successful - beautiful - and sweet as can be women! Were they confused when they invited me? This can't be my life. BUT. IT. IS! I'm beyond honored that these women are my peers and mentors. I love learning and growing along side them!


Recognition is a huge part of what we do at SEINT Beauty. Whether its for being a top seller or a top enroller - or just being an incredibly hard working ladyboss - we love to show our teamies that we SEE them. And being seen as successful or a rising star in your community not only fuels your desire to reach higher, but it dares you to aim higher and go further than you ever thought you could.
Aside from showing up on leaderboards for sales and recruiting - one of the highest honors of my career so far - was being asked to present an inspired talk on stage at our company conference in Las Vegas. It was a thrill to look out at a packed room of women and want to move and inspire them and to help them realize that they already have the power they need to be successful!


They say your vibe attracts your tribe. How was I lucky enough to stumble into their orbit? I'll never know - but I thank my lucky stars it happened. These are my leaders. They have been incredible friends and mentors to me and have taught me how to lead with a servant heart. 


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