I've been a vagabond artist of a variety of sorts for a very long time. I was the lead singer in a band for 6 years in my mid-to-late twenties, had my own line of custom jewelry which I sold online and at juried art shows and boutiques across the country. Then, in order to showcase my work online, I bought a "fancy camera" to photograph my work. Then I had a kid and couldn't keep myself from just shooting him all the live long day and suddenly those jewelry pieces seemed a LOT less important.

By accident really, I started photographing other human beings and discovered they would actually pay me money to do it! Pretty cool, huh?  In the 10 years since that time - I've had the wonderful privilege of capturing some really incredible life moments, telling visual stories, & making cool art by interpreting my clients lives and their joys through the viewfinder. 

About 6 years into this adventure - simply via the power of observation - it was the women in my images who stole my heart. Think about this for a second... These goddesses would to hire me to photograph their families - but NEVER wanted the camera pointed in their direction!?!?! This baffled me. What was the point of hiring a professional in the first place, just to end up invisible? That tugged on my heart so hard. I HAD to change their minds! Damnit they NEED TO AT LEAST EXIST in their families history - to feel VALUED ENOUGH to be included. This  became my obsession. So women are my thing. 



"a portrait experience with me isn't just about creating pretty pictures - it's about creating an opportunity to
embrace who you truly are" 

Frequently asked

Yeah... women just make me happy. But... if you're a company or magazine in need of some visual storytelling - lets chat! I moonlight as an architecture photographer and love helping businesses get their point across. (See commercial/editorial gallery)


It's your choice entirely - or we can utilize both! I have a studio with lights and backdrops and all the things - but sometimes the light and scenery provided by mother nature or even just a dirty alley in the city can offer right vibe for the kind of shoot that is unique and most powerful for you! Each experience is entirely custom.

IN studio? Or ON LOCATION?

I shoot only on weekdays because I'm a single mom of 3. Yes, I keep professional hours 9-5 / M-F. It's a rarity for a photographer, I know, but it's just what works for my family. On weekends - you'll find me screaming on the sidelines as a maniac lacrosse mom.
I'm typically booked out about 30 days in advance so reserve with this in mind.






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