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calling all


Throughout all of 2014, I observed my clients during our in-person sales appointments, ESPECIALLY the women, as heads of households and the glue that holds the ship up.

As we reviewed their collections and land on that one image of JUST them I was always intentional to take...they would just sorta skip over it. And when I'd question them and ask, "Oh, did you not like that one?" They would say, "Oh no - it's a great shot -it's just...not a priority." And that... was just heartbreaking to me.

Not because they didn't value the work - it was because they didn't value themselves.

What has happened to us that we have conditioned ourselves into this mental rut? That it's somehow OK that we exist LESS in our family's history?

I sat with that for a long time. I tried to wrap head around it...get inside it...until I ultimately came to the question...WHAT CAN I DO TO FIX THIS?
What can I do to help a woman realize this herself? Value herself? And change her overall opinion of herself? And in the process - give her something that serves as a permanent reminder of that realization? A piece of herself that she can hold onto - that her family and children can hold onto forever? From this - the seed for the SIREN SESSIONS was planted.

My tools are a camera, and my knack for loving people. Maybe if I photograph her, hold that image up to her like a mirror and say - look at you girl. You are a gorgeous, amazing woman - a light among all who know you- then they will feel it and see it for themselves once and for all. This is this SIREN mission.

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